Service Overview

Tired of the World-Wide-Wait?

The decision to live in the country has always required sacrificing a little convenience for the quality of living we love. This includes the lack of high quality data services.

But now there is an answer!

Finally High-Speed Internet access is available for those of us who don’t “live in town” and it’s affordable for everyone! uses secure, inexpensive, radio links instead of wires or the high-cost satellite link that suffers from weather problems and latency signal delays.

Why do you need high-speed Internet?

  • More and more consumer oriented companies are providing information, sales and product support via the Internet.
  • Employers are more and more expecting their workforce to perform some if not all of their tasks from a “home office.”
  • Looking for a new job, many companies require the application process to be initiated online.
  • Schools and colleges are expecting their students to receive parts of their instruction online, and most require assignments and papers to be submitted via the web or email.
  • As the Internet technology evolves the telephone lines, and other infrastructure needed to support the new technologies, stay the same.

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