Residential Access Service

In today’s Internet world dial-up just doesn't cut-it.

Tired of slow dial-up access? Fed-up with high data download charges with satellite or 3G/4G service. Are you failing to see an Advantage with your current provider? Call today! Now you can get High-Speed Internet starting at $49.00 per month -or less if you choose an annual payment plan.

Always on, always available, and we never charge for data downloads. Have more than one computer, smart phone, or tablet? Not a problem! Internet access for all is included in the same low price (requires a residential gateway or router - not included)!

Need more speed? Not a problem! We offer up to 4Mb for consumers and up to 8 Mb for business plans. Call today and experience the true advantage of working with a local company (Sharon Township) for your Internet connectivity needs.

Residential Access Pricing Plans
Description 3 Year
Pay 11
Get 12
1.5Mb Consumer Internet $49.00
3.0Mb Consumer Internet* $60.00
4.0Mb Consumer Internet* $79.99


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